Forging a new path…
… is harder than banging a hammer.


How can Vincent escape his heritage?

Being the son of the world’s greatest wizard isn’t easy. Especially when you want a different life. But changing your name and taking up a trade can only get you so far.

Vincent sets off on a journey to find himself and create distance from his legacy. Combating the darkness and corruption of the Blight was his father’s obsession. Vincent wants something different.

Why then does trouble keep finding him?

Vincent will need to make a choice. Turn a blind eye to the problems of the world, or stand up and fight for justice his own way.

Can he tread a new path?

You’ll love this epic collection of fantasy stories of Vincent’s adventures because of the action, intrigue, and character development.

This book is perfect for anyone who loves a great fantasy tale, and a must buy for those that enjoyed the Hidden Wizard series.