The power of myth and monsters…

…is in her blood.


Maya was your average ancient history major, preparing for a life in academia. That is, until she was tricked into unleashing the BloodStorm. A cataclysm that transformed the world.

Where do you go from there?

Turns out, the stories about ancient gods and supernatural creatures were true. The magic that fueled those myths has created people with extraordinary abilities. Six bloodline clans with different sets of powers.

But beyond the wonders is a dark edge. An ancient despot rules with an iron fist. Bloodlines are pit against each other, and those without power are struggling to fight back.

Partnering with a bounty hunter, Maya must come to grips with her new talents and find her place in this strange world. At least she’s got one advantage: access to all the bloodlines.

Can Maya rise up to become a force for good? Or will she repeat the mistakes of the past and fall to the darkness that reigns.

Coming Soon