She didn’t just study legends.
She became one.

Maya was the perfect student. Her life, all mapped out. That is, until she unleashed the BloodStorm.

Suddenly, magic from the myths she studied came roaring to life. Seven powerful bloodlines emerged, each granting extraordinary powers. But not without a steep price.

The cunning sage at the center of this chaos rules with an iron fist. By pitting bloodline against bloodline, he ensures that his reign remains unchallenged.

Teaming up with a gadget-loving bounty hunter, Maya finds herself navigating a perilous new world. She’s become a target of the Master Sage, and for good reason: Maya is the only other person with powers from all seven bloodlines.

Can she master these gifts in time to become a beacon of hope? Or will she crumble under the weight of her own doubt, falling prey to the Master Sage’s dark schemes?

Her destiny is awakened.