A wizard and mystic in one.

A legion of darkness.

One final act.


Alrion’s power is complete, but he’s far from ready. He should be moving on to the final stage of his quest, but can’t ignore Alyx’s plight. He’s stuck.

The Generals of the Blight are taking the lead. They’re bringing the fight to Alrion, looking to weaken him and his resolve. Little by little they are trying to wear him down until he lacks the strength to resist.

Drawing on his companions, Alrion must face his own fears and past failures if he’s to have any chance of success. He’ll need to look past allegiances and dark pasts to bring together anyone and everyone who can help.

Alrion only has one chance, and if he fails, he will be consumed by the very thing he hopes to remove and user in a new era of darkness.

In this epic finale, the story of The Hidden Wizard draws to a close. Armies will clash, new foes will emerge, and secrets will be uncovered. Just who is the mysterious wizard that’s been lurking in the shadows?