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Hey everyone! It’s 2023, the Year of The BloodStorm!

I know, it’s not actually a real thing, but it is the year I’m releasing my series and publishing multiple titles. The first two are all ready to go and the third book is well underway. I’m about 20% of the way through it.

To increase my output, I recently changed up my workflow to include dictation and I’m really loving it. It’s freshened up my writing and the increased speed helps keep the momentum of the story going. When everything’s flowing faster and smoother, the story feels more concrete and the pacing is better.

My goal is to get a good momentum going this year and have each book flow nicely into the next one. I’m currently planning out the release dates so that I can get each book out as quickly as possible. It’s really exciting to know that this series is ready to be released and that I can get more books out this year than ever before.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated and I might even drop a few samples or snippets from the first book to get you excited!

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