A blacksmith’s apprentice with a hidden power. A master wizard. A quest to cleanse the Blight from the world.  

Alrion has a secret power. Without a clue he lives out his blacksmith life. Always longing for something more. He finally gets his chance when a mysterious robed man arrives bearing incredible news: Alrion is a wizard.

But not just any wizard; Alrion is destined for greater things. He must venture out into the world and discover the fabled Pool of Knowledge, a special source of all known spells and knowledge. Within it lies the secrets to cleansing the Blight for good.

Twisted creatures, transformed by the Blight, are out to stop Alrion and end his quest. The young wizard must learn how to use his powers to protect himself against the rising tide of evil monsters. If Alrion is lost, then so is the world’s last chance to be free of the Blight and its cursed taint.

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A fledgling wizard mastering his power. A fallen monk. A secret trial hidden in a desert temple.

Alrion has drunk from the Pool of Knowledge but barely survived. He is driven to improve his skill and prove his worth as a wizard.

In his dreams he sees a vision of his next goal, the Vault of Silence. It is a secret trial guarded by an order of monks and designed to test a person’s will. To get there, he must find a guide and negotiate his way through sprawling cities and a vast desert.

But the creatures of the Blight are organising. They have a leader and have infiltrated the general population. To reach the Vault of Silence Alrion will need to make new allies, learn new spells and face an old foe. Can he rise again to the challenge? Or will he be crushed by overwhelming odds?

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Coming Soon – ETA October 2017

Alrion’s quest just became a lot more difficult. Can he continue against all odds? The next thrilling chapter of The Hidden Wizard will be released soon.